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Inserting/Positioning Frames         

  • Activate the frame or container object (i.e. point to the location) in which the new frame has to be inserted
  • Click either Add Floating Frame or Add Positional Frame icon
  • De-select the new frame by clicking anywhere outside the marked frame area - this would make the border marking to disappear
  • Single click on the new frame then position and resize as required
  • Once in position, click inside the frame to activate it. Now you can insert text,image or another frame in it.

Deleting Frames

  • Select the frame you want deleted by single clicking an object (text, image or another frame) inside it. Avoid double clicking as that action causes the frame to be activated.
  • Press the delete key.
  • This would eleminate the frame. If you deleted a frame in error, you can restore it by clicking the undo icon.

Changing Frame Properties

  • Select the frame by a single click
  • Click the Frame Properties icon
  • Change properties as required

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