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Frame States and Behaviours

Both floating and positionable frames have 3 states (as shown in the image clip below) -

  • inactive,
  • selected and
  • active.

A frame is selected with a single click on any object inside it. When selected it shows the drag/resizing handles. You can resize and drag the frame to a new location when you see the 4-direction arrows. You can deselect a frame by clicking anywhere outside its boundaries. Double clicking any contained object activates the frame. When activated it shows the drag handles and hatched boundaries.

In its activated state you can insert, delete or modify the objects inside it. To delete a frame select by single click and press delete or the scissor tool.




In successions create, resize, position and delete floating frames. Note that as you expand a floating frame the work area (the underlying page boundaries) expand whereas the positionable frame does not expands beyound the container baoundaries. This distinction helps us to use a mix of both judiciously. Normally, the base frame of the page should be a floating frame which should contain all the positional frames.

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