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Mastering the Frames - Key to Successful Pages

From the last exercise, one thing should be pretty clear - if you can master the use of frames you know how to position objects (text, image and other frames) on a newsletter page. It's the key to a well designed page layout. Grandmasters of web developers always preach that a page should be clutter free, well laid out, readable and pleasant. Thoughtful use of floating and positionable frames can play a significant part in achieving all these goals.

The Golden Rule

The following general rule regarding use of frames is a good practice guide:

Use a floating frame to create the page foundation. Then for each distinct region or panel or real estate within the page, use positionable frames as building blocks to locate your contents.


Your page may be laid out as header, left panel, body, right panel and footer with each as positonable frame on an underlying floating frame providing the foundation for the entire structure. Within each you may have further frames. In the header panel you can use a positionable frame for title, another for logo, yet a third one for the company slogan, so on and so forth. In this way, you are able to position each part of the Header to combine and work as a whole. Let's do this starting with the next lesson.

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