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Inserting Text in Frames

Load a new Newsletter page in the Editor.

Insert a F-Frame
Click inside the editing area - cursor should start to blink. Click the Insert Floating Frame icon. A float frame is inserted. Deactivate - click somewhere outside frame borders. Now select the frame with a single click. Drag handle shows. Resize it to map the entire header area of the page. Ensure that you do not spill over. Next click the Frame Properties icon and changes its background color to transparent or other color of your choice. Click within the borders of the frame to select and click again to activate. Now mark and hilight all text in it and press delete.

Insert a P-Frame, Insert Text and Format
Activate the float frame (2 clicks), mark and highlight the existing text. Click Insert Positionable Frame icon to create the new frame. Activate this new frame and enter the page title: 'MyWebPage'. Mark the text you just entered and click Font dropdown box and select Arial and then change its size by clicking Size and selecting 4. Click Text Color to change color. You can learn how to insert graphic images clips in the next page. Change frame background color or border properties by selecting the frame and clicking Frame Properties icon. Deactivate frame (click outside).

Next resize the Title Frame and position where exactly you want it as the page Header. Repeat the Title frame inserting procedures to create other P-Frames for each area including the body of your page until finished.

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