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Inserting Graphic Images in Frames

Continuing from the previous page, we now want to explore how to enter images into a page. Positioning an image with positionable frame is easy. For each piece of graphic clip you want inserted we suggest you insert a P_Frame (placeholder) first so you can insert the new image in it and position the image container frame by moving it to the desired location in the parent frame. Usually, graphic image files with .jpg or .gif extention are allowed on html pages. Images that you wish to use would, in the first place, have to be uploaded to your host server (where your site is). Click here to learn how to upload images to MailDirect Upload directory. Next we show how to insert and resize images.

Assuming that you've visited the pages about uploading and inserting images to a frame (if not, please see the links in the previous paragraph), we can proceed steadfastly to the next section.

Insert P-Frame for Image Clips

Activate the frame and click within to ground the cursor. Click Insert Positionable Frame icon to create a new frame. Resize the frame to a large enough size so it can hold your image dimensions and still have some spare room. Activate this new frame. Now insert the image file by clicking the Insert Image icon and follow prompt. When inserted, select the image and, if necessary, resize by pulling its drag handles. Like text objects, you can paragraph align images to left, centre or right. But this may not be good enough! Here you'll find that the container P-Frame's positioning capability very handy. Resize and reposition the P-Frame where you want.

By now you should have a pretty attractive looking Title panel. Well, this is how you build the rest of the panels - be that left, content or footer or some other section within the page. That's it!

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