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Business Analysis / Logic Services

In the global economy your operation has to be agile and ever vigilant against the competition. Price, delivery and quality performance expected of businesses is always rising. Your operation requires and deserves a new platform from which to meet its market challenges.

Sitemarvel can assist your managers to build that new platform by analysing your enterprise's functions, document flows, rules of engagement, operations, methods and procedures in order to:

   » improve the way your business operates
   » streamline processes to be more efficient and compettitive
   » harpen the perception and awareness of your management team.

Result: your business's enhanced operating and strategic preparedness and response.

Scope of Service

Sitemarvel Business Services incorporate the following:

  • Strategic advisory services
  • Re-engineering business functions
  • knowledge architecture, management and delivery
  • Technology risk and knowledge strategies
  • Documentation and training
  • Project management and audit
  • Change management