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Your Privacy is Respected

There's a widespread concern over protecting privacy of the visiting public and users on the Net. Sitemarvel shares this genuine user concern.

Our Privacy Objective

  1. Sitemarvel will take all reasonable steps, within and subject to our ability and means, to protect the user's personal information supplied to us through this website.
  2. Sitemarvel will NOT ever use any private information supplied to it for any purpose other than those intended by the provider of that data.

Standard Practices web site is designed and operated in accordance with the following independently verifiable stated standards:

  1. Users are expected take all precautions and actions including text, articles, descriptions and references to avoid easy identification.
  2. Sitemarvel will communicate with the user community in compliance with the intended purposes and practices underlying a given service. For example, if a user subscribes to one or more of our subcription or publication services, he/she will receive that publication service from time to time as intended. The user will have the option to cancel such subscription as they see fit.
  3. As a matter of policy we do not or will not collect users' IP addresses other than for our internal statistical purposes - where an individual's details will be merged with others.
  4. As a general rule users can visit some portions of the without having to tell us who they are.
  5. Sitemarvel does not or will not collect any information about its users without their explicit knowledge. There are locations on this or other related websites where we may need to obtain personal information, such as the user's name, address or other details in order to respond to the his/her requests for information or for job assistance. In those instances, Sitemarvel will always collect such information with the user's full knowledge and permission.
  6. Sitemarvel cannot verify the identity of individuals who submit information. All information provided is accepted in utmost good faith and at face value. Discrepancies can only be corrected if Sitemarvel is made aware of them. For example, if a third person fills out a form/subscription etc. with your personal details, with or without your knowledge, Sitemarvel will consider that you have indeed filled out the form yourself. If this is not the case, you may notify Sitemarvel at any time and we will rectify or remove any items that you require corrected or removed.
  7. Sitemarvel contains links to other sites on the Internet. Sitemarvel is not responsible for and does not continuously monitor and not is responsible for the privacy practices or content on those sites. Users shall take their own measures to ensure protection of privacy.
  8. Some Sitemarvel web pages may use "cookies" as and when required. Cookies are small files that may be placed on the user's hard disk to help us retain details regarding that user's preferences etc. to help us tailor the information our sites provide to that user. Cookies can help us to respond directly to the user's individual needs thereby making the user's visit more enjoyable, useful and informative. Cookies do not contain personal information. A user can set his/her browser options to notify him/her before a cookie is sent, giving him/her the chance to decide whether or not to accept it. Remember however that by not accepting cookies, some web pages may not display properly or a user may not be permitted to access certain information.

Your Comments

If you have any questions or comments about our privacy objective, standards or practices, or wish to provide a suggestion for further improvement, please feel free to  write to us.

One Special Note

During extended period of inactivity your browser's connection to our data store will suffer disconnection to protect your privacy. This is done assuming that your computer is unattended. In these instances, where appropeiate, you will need to logon afresh. Hope you will understand.